About Old Fort Farm

Old Fort Farm has always been a family owned and operated business. Carl Blackmer is the 7th generation to farm this land with his son Makar.
Old Fort Farm began with the purchase of land in 1797 by Philip Reed from the Phelps & Gorham Land purchase. 
The farm name comes from the Prehistoric Iroquoian Site on the land that was inhabited by Native Americans in the late 1400's. 
At Old Fort Farm harvest and production have always been an integral part of our business. We were one of the first to use bale wagons to transport our product from the fields. 
However, our major investment came in 2006 with the installation of a Steffens Press, the first and only system of its kind in New York State.
This facilitated a major change in our production, and opened up new markets. 
How we started...